Trainee - Investment Advisor

Job Purpose

Investment Advisors provide qualitative, objective, unbiased investment advisory services to current and prospective clients to facilitate and enable engagement of ENTRUST services.  They provide Advisory support to Business Development and are responsible for coming up with quick and relevant supporting material for client engagements. This role also includes preparation of up-to-date stock/MF/Product recommendations, context/client specific sales collateral and support on sales engagements for closure.

Personality Skills - Energetic, Positive Attitude, Flexible, Goal-oriented, Assertive. Behavioural Skills – Teamwork, taking initiative, problem-solving, Analytical Industry-specific skills – Strong analytical and investment advisory skills, customer interfacing skills Domain knowledge - Knowledge of Equities, Fixed Income, and capital markets domain

Specialist Domain Knowledge – Knowledge of listed securities

  Career Path within Investment Advisory 

Investment Counsellor


Principal Investments Advisor


Senior Investments Advisor


Senior Vice President - IA


Director – Investments Advisory (IA)


Principal MF Advisor



Mutual Funds Investment Consultant

Investments Analyst




Responsibilities and Accountabilities  


·       Provide Analytical support towards asset allocation calls made by the Investment Advisory Team and tactical allocation calls.


·       Ability to independently identify, analyze, put forth investment ideas, recommendations backed by high quality research.


·       Fully proficient and knowledgeable as an expert in the tools, systems, and procedures required to accomplish the job. Provide investment related technical input to support BD efforts and post conversion client servicing.


·       Document and maintain up-to-date stock ideas & recommendations including a list of which client has been recommended what idea and when, with outcomes.


·       Participate in customer calls and events as necessary to promote ENTRUST services through presentations of Investment Advisory Services.


·       Over time develop the ability to serve as the point person for allocated client family(ies) as applicable and to support with portfolio monitoring


·       Periodic reviews for clients and execution of actionable post reviews


·       Ongoing portfolio monitoring



NISM certifications: NISM Certification as relevant

Investment Advisors are required to be NCFM certified to acquire ENTRUST specified certification within a limited timeframe (to be agreed with manager) in minimum one stream of Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Mutual Funds

A certification is considered valid if the consultant has:

1°) successfully passed the certification examination


2°) successfully cleared as & when the certification period is due to renewal.



Skills and Qualifications  


·       Presentation skills: Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and explaining investment advisory services.


·       Domain skills: Specific knowledge of Capital Markets domain (including equities, fixed income, , mutual funds), as well as knowledge of global markets & trends in general. 


·       Educational & Proficiency level: Professional with generally a minimum of 2-5 years of domain experience, ideally in a capital markets environment.


·       Languages: Required to be fluent in English, good written and verbal communication skills.


  ENTRUST Competencies  





1.     Develop Expertise on Investment Advisory






2.     Communicate effectively






3.     Focus on internal and external clients






4.     Deliver appropriate solutions/ideas/themes






5.     Work effectively with others






6.     Transfer knowledge to team/relevant members of other teams






7.     Drive quality in terms of reports/recommendations






Key Performance Indicators 1.     Contribute to alpha generation required to be made by the Investment Advisory Team


2.     Contribute to wallet share gains required to be made by the IA Team


3.     Effective demonstration of ENTRUST investment philosophy that contributes to reaching and exceeding business revenue targets in an optimal time frame.


4.     Achieve professional objectives set forth by the Investment Advisory Services Management.


5.     Contribute to content on investment trends, themes to promote ENTRUST brand in relevant media as advised by Marketing Strategy.  


6.     Handle a minimum of 5 families’ portfolios as SPOC for investment-related matters




Additional Parameters for Outstanding Rating

  1. Measurable increase in Revenue realization from the previous year
  2. Measurable increase in AUM mandates through Direct Investment

Generate references and convert from an existing portfolio of clients


The career path can extend to other departments, for example, Business Development, Business Operations etc.

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