Attracting Top Talent During COVID-19

It’s hard to know how long the current situation will last and what the impact on hiring will be in the immediate future. Although you may experience temporary changes in your hiring needs, any downcycle will inevitably come to an end, and you may need to react quickly to fill open positions with the best talent available.

It is important during this time to maintain a presence with our Career Center and utilize its global reach for hiring the best in the investment management industry—employees who are highly skilled and who are bound by the highest ethical standards.

Here’s how you can leverage the Career Center to support your hiring needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond:

Create an employer account

When you create an employer account, you can post open positions and gain valuable insights into the kinds of positions job seekers value most. An employer account helps you to position your employer brand in the best possible light to attract the most qualified candidates.

Save time

With the uncertainty about the impact COVID-19 will have, many industries are scrambling to conduct business as usual. Yet many may lack the time or ability to dedicate resources to filter through resumes. The Career Center can provide access to a high-quality pool of candidates, requiring less search and query time to reach the right person. Ask us about packages featuring proactive search of the resume database and advance screening questions for job applicants.

Where job seekers turn

61% of professionals joining professional associations do so for career development and future job opportunities. When looking for their next position, job seekers are going to want to utilize the best possible resources. Using our Career Center is an efficient method of being in front of the right candidates at the right time.

We are here to support you in your talent attraction efforts. Click here for more information on posting a job or contact us to discuss your recruitment needs.

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